Urgent LC News
  • ArcheAge 3.0 Starts December 10th 2016. Hit level 50 and head on over pirate side! Check the forums for more information.
  • Looking to be the best H1Z1 player ever? Well form up with 4 other people and hit the street.
  • If you're interested in donating towards the ArcheAge fund, contact Grieve
  • Want to play an active role in ArcheAge leadership? We're recruiting officers.

Laughing Coffin was created for the sole purpose of providing a PvP guild that is not only competitive but fairly laid back. The goal and purpose of the guild is to provide a home for all like minded individuals that want to PvP and feel proud about the tag that they represent. The organization is designed to allow players more freedoms than most competitive guilds offer while also keeping ourselves viable for PvP in any situation.


Sometimes sacrifices need to be made for the greater good of the community and not everybody will be happy with them, but we make these decisions with the good of the community in mind. We try to give everyone a fair and equal voice to show their concerns, but we do not allow fear mongering within the guild.


We are a community that fights for itself and no one else. We do not believe in alliances, we do not believe in factions; what we believe in, is that Laughing Coffin should be the only guild in existence and everyone outside of it is an enemy.


Our members not only give us their time, but many make dollar contributions to the cause. We try to give this back to the members in the fairest way possible while still retaining the tools that we need to propagate and spread the word of Laughing Coffin.


In summary, if you are looking for a community that is not only about PvP, but about family, honor, trust, and loyalty to something bigger than one individual; then Laughing Coffin is for you.

Laughing Coffin is a free spirit guild made of many different personalities, races, and nationalities. This sometimes creates tension between members as not everything we say or do is politically correct. Bottom line though is; racism that is directed towards another member of this guild in a harmful or demeaning manner will not be tolerated. While we do appreciate a good joke here and there, as I think everybody does, we do not tolerate racism that is directly used to harm or demean someone based on their race. There is a fine difference between hatred for someone based on their race, and a couple buds joking around. All members will abide by this regardless of rank/social status in the guild.

Laughing Coffin is not a guild for everyone, and it is certainly not a guild for the weak of heart. We fight anyone and everyone. Anyone outside of Laughing Coffin is considered and enemy combatant. We do not form alliances, EVER. We fight for ourselves, and progress Laughing Coffin for the sake of Laughing Coffin. When you join this guild, you are making a commitment to something greater than just one individual. You are making the commitment to the Laughing Coffin ideals and banner. You are making a commitment saying that you believe that Laughing Coffin is the only guild, and should be the only guild. We will fight to the end no matter the odds, and even if we have a loss we will get back and go right back to it. They can not stop us. LC WILL PREVAIL!


Applications are reviewed within 24 hours of being posted by a recruitment officer. This officer will give you a formal discord interview and take down your responses. Within 24 hours of the interview, you will hear back from the recruitment officer you are assigned with a yes or no on your application. All applications need to be filed through forms on the official guild forums.

Leaver Policy – Anyone who leaves the guild of their own free will may rejoin once the requirement below is completed:

-Player can pay 5$ to be re-instated into the guild.

-Player can pay the equivalent amount of 10$ in the game’s currency. Anyone who leaves the community of their own free will may rejoin once one of the options below is completed and a tribunal vote has been held:

-Previous Community Member can pay 10$ and have their community tag re-instated.

-Previous Community Member can make a donation to one of the guild’s in-game banks in the amount equal to 20$ of game currency.

Members who have been kicked may not be re-instated in the guild until a tribunal vote in their favor has been held. Kicked members must also pay a penalty fee of 30$ to be re-instated into the guilds ranks, this can not be paid by in-game currency and half will be reimbursed upon 2 months of good standing within the community.

Finances are held and accounted by the guild Finance Officer which is appointed by the community lead via a cabinet position.


Any and all debts to anyone or anything can be voided by Community Leads.


The guild will be slotted $500 a month to spend on various projects and games. The finance officer must make the best use of these funds to make sure we are meeting all mission goals of Laughing Coffin. This $500 will be put towards the guild regardless of donations for the month, but donations will start adding more to the $500 after $350 for the month has been donated.


Donated funds are divided into separate categories for expenditure:

  • 30% of all donations goes towards funding the website, and the tools we use for various propaganda campaigns.
  • 50% of the donations go back to giveaways and events within the game.
  • 20% of all donations goes to the purchase of Laughing Coffin merchandise to be used during IRL events and giveaways.

All personal information submitted to Laughing Coffin is not confidential. Information may be spread and used at the discretion of the council. This means that is information may be used as a form of contact, for giveaways, or for miscellaneous  reasons. Should you have any concerns regarding you privacy, you may bring it up with the guild Quartermaster.

Information submitted to Laughing Coffin is not confidential and you consent to it being used in whatever way the community sees fit. The gathering of this information not only cuts down on intruders, and spies, but also keeps the guild safe from a variety of attacks.

Laughing Coffin is a PvP guild with a pirate orientation. We take what we can from anyone and everyone without a second thought. What they have belongs to us. In regards to scamming we do tolerate it, BUT YOU CAN NOT AND WILL BE PENALIZED FOR SCAMMING OTHER LAUGHING COFFIN MEMBERS. This means you can scam members outside of the guild freely and at your own discretion and if it is brought to our attention by the scammed we will not do anything to you for it. However, if you scam someone within the guild you will be penalized set by the guidelines in the kicking/leaving policy.


Example 1: Hey Laughing Coffin, I want to join you. I have just scammed my guild on east side out of 20k worth of gold, but fuck those guys, laughing coffin be where it at. THIS IS FINE.


Example 2: Hey Laughing Coffin, I kinda scammed xxx in the guild and now he’s mad and saying he’s reporting me. THIS IS NOT


PRIOR TO JOINING LC: If you scammed a member of Laughing Coffin prior to joining the community/guild, then it will not count against you as all members of Laughing Coffin should be vigilant towards scams and offers that are too good to be true. If anything we applause you for teaching our member a valuable lesson.

Laughing Coffin is an open guild with an open mind. You play video games how you want to. If you are hacking, cheating, or exploiting you are expected to let someone in leadership know in-case any problems come to use, but as far as the guild is concerned it is a “don’t ask, don’t tell” situation. Members may or may not report you if you tell them. We do not condone these activities, but each person is an individual with their own mind. If they decide it is the route to take, who are we to stop them. Leadership needs to know for the sole purpose in-case it becomes a hindrance or if we are contacted on the situation. We are not snitches and will not disclose the information, but our leadership does not need to be blind sided with such accusations when we have so much other stuff to worry about. If you are caught blatantly hacking, scripting, cheating, or exploiting; the guild will stand by you and treat you the same, but we will not defend against the accusations if they are proven.