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 Urgent LC News
  • ArcheAge 3.0 Starts December 10th 2016. Hit level 50 and head on over pirate side! Check the forums for more information.
  • Looking to be the best H1Z1 player ever? Well form up with 4 other people and hit the street.
  • If you're interested in donating towards the ArcheAge fund, contact Grieve
  • Want to play an active role in ArcheAge leadership? We're recruiting officers.

Pee and Bambi win an H1Z1 5’s Game! WOW!

author image by Grieve | Misc Gaming | 1 Comment | 29 Oct 2016

Good morning comrades! What a historic day! An accomplishment for the ages! Bambi and Pee of Laughing Coffin took home a 1st place victory in a 5’s match on H1Z1! Truly no one saw this coming and it is without…

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WoW: Legion: clears 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare!

author image by Grieve | Community News Misc Gaming | 0 Comments | 18 Oct 2016

Good afternoon comrades! Another glorious day for Laughing Coffin. Our World of Warcraft: Legion division on Emerald Dream under the name <LC> has completed 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare. This is an achievement for the books considering how much we dislike…

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Banned From Revelations – What an Achievement!

author image by Grieve | Community News Misc Gaming | 0 Comments | 29 Sep 2016

Greetings comrades, It brings me great joy to announce an achievement that some though impossible. We have been officially banned from playing as a guild on the game Revelations Online as our community has been deemed too “toxic” for their…

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    Leonardo says:
    Hi, I have a character in the fresh start server by the name of Bang. I would like to join, I'm curr...
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    Amine Farhat says:
    laughing-coffin <3 i would Join U and I love PVP wich server The guild Will Play...
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    Farmville2k15 says:
    You know I will be there in the guild or not killing anyone and everyone lol. but question, are we g...
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    Farmvilletwentyfifte says:
    whats are we using as comms fagboy....
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    Pee says:
    Slight hint of sarcasm me thinks....

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