ArcheAge Gold Distribution Policy

 Urgent LC News
  • ArcheAge 3.0 Starts December 10th 2016. Hit level 50 and head on over pirate side! Check the forums for more information.
  • Looking to be the best H1Z1 player ever? Well form up with 4 other people and hit the street.
  • If you're interested in donating towards the ArcheAge fund, contact Grieve
  • Want to play an active role in ArcheAge leadership? We're recruiting officers.

Greetings comrades,

I am pleased to announce the current policy/plan for gold distribution through the guild on pirate side ArcheAge 3.0 for this December 10th formation. The details are listed below. Should you have any comments or concerns please address them at the next community meeting.





The Laughing Coffin Guild Bank

  • Guild Bank Gold – Controlled by Guild Financial Officer Bambi
    • Used for land purchases, gilda purchases, and giveaway/event purchases.
    • Made up of 25% of Abyssal Gold
    • Made through 25% of Gilda sale
    • Made up through gold donations
    • Made up of 10% gambling tax
    • Made up of 25% of hero gold for the month
    • 20% Weekly Lottery Tax
    • 10% of Guild Bank gold will be raffled off every Friday during the guild raffles as the grand prize. If the bank is low on currency the grand prize will be the equivalent of 3 apexes.
    • 15% Tax on Guild Fishing Event


Abyssal Pack Policy

  • Abyssal Packs are considered guild property as it takes a coordinated group effort to get them throughout the guild. These packs will be divided with the ruleset below.
    • 25% of the Abyssal Pack Gold will go to the Laughing Coffin Guild Bank
    • 75% will be disbursed to the members for the week.
  • Abyssal Pack gold will be managed and distributed by the guild finance officer.


Friday Giveaway Policy

  • The equivalent of 10 apex in guild will be given out each week. This will happen by money contributions from members within the guild who are looking to better progress the community and give back. $500 a month will be allotted to make this happen every month.
  • The gold will be distributed among 20 rolls. With each item being different in value. The final 3 rolled items will be worth the most.
    • The list of items being rolled on for the giveaway will be listed prior to the Friday Giveaway so people can plan their rolls.
  • You can only win 1 roll during the Friday Giveaway, besides the last 3 rolls in which everyone can roll as well as the grand prize roll.
  • The grand prize roll will be the equivalent of 10% of the guild’s bank.
  • The event will be streamed


Weekly Lottery

  • Members can purchase into the guild weekly lottery
    • Each entry costs 25 gold
    • Multiple entries can be purchased
  • 20% of the gold accumulated by the weekly lottery will be entered into the guild bank.
  • The weekly lottery will be at least the worth of 2 current apexes.
  • Drawing will be streamed


Gambling Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

  • Tuesdays: Gambling Rolls
    • Gambling rolls will be two hour long events (at different times) in which members will be able to bet up gold against each other with the highest roll taking home the pool of the members bets. Members must meet the highest bet to be in the roll, with the max bet being 50g.
    • Will be hosted by an officer to ensure fairness and the guild tax.
  • Thursdays: Gambling Duels
    • Members will be able to bet on players that go up for duels.
      • Whichever player wins, the people who bet on that player will get the gold of those who betted on the losing player divided among themselves.
  • Saturdays: Team Battle
    • Each team members will pay 25g
    • Teams will consist of 5 players
    • Prizes will be distributed (after tax) for the top three teams with the percents listed below.
      • 60% of the total prize pool – 1st Place
      • 25% of the total prize pool – 2nd place
      • 15% of the total prize pool – 3rd place


Hero Policy

  • Heroes will be taxed 50% of the hero gold they obtain.
  • Heroes are able to sell their gem within guild and keep 100% of the profit.
  • Heroes will be rotated monthly and only people who are willing to work for their 4k leadership will receive monthly hero positions. Members will be able to sign up closer to the date and the 10 for the month will be selected randomly via draw.
  • Each person can only serve as hero once, so that everyone gets their fair chance to be a hero; unless there are no other members looking to serve in a hero position.



Gilda Design Distribution

  • Members can purchase gilda designs from the guild bank at 30% of the current AH prize as they become available.
  • The first gilda designs for galleons and trade ships will be prioritized for the most active members and verified members of Laughing Coffin (Zealot) to ensure we can adequately perform future events.


Bounty Hunting

  •  Members can take a screenshot of each kill of an enemy pirate.
  • Each kill will count as 10g.
  • Must be solo without a group.
  • Members can earn up to the equivalent of 1 apex a week through enemy pirate kills.
  • Screenshots will be counted up every Saturday and paid by the finance officer through the guild bank.


Monthly Apex Lottery

  • Entries cost 100g
  • 10 Apex will be given away every 30 days after the start of the game.
  • Members can purchase multiple entries
  • Drawing will be streamed


Pirated Packs

  • TBA


Apex via Forum Participation

  •  20 apex will be given away monthly via forum participation.
  • Members will be able to buy 1 apex per 1000 Grieve Coins (100 Posts)
    • Members can also obtain them by posting game guides (created by them)
      • Once a guide is verified you’ll receive 250 Grieve coins.
  • Members can buy 2 apex a month max.


Daily Guild Fishing Event

  • Once a day members will be able to enter into the daily guild fishing event.
    • Each member who enters will commit to fishing up 12 fish.
  • The idea of the event is for everyone who enters to dedicate fishing for a full chum to one member of the group.
    • This member will be selected via drawing.
    • Members who do not follow through with their promise will be banned from 1 fishing event for each failure to abide by the promise.
  • Chum and red lures will be provided for free for the event via the guild bank
  • All gold will be traded to the Officer on duty for distribution to the member who won the drawing.
    • 15% guild bank tax will apply.


Guild Recruitment Rewards

  • It is every members duty to help with recruitment.
  • Every 2 guild members that are recruited through a recommendation/referral
    • Member will be given 1 apex. Allowed 2 apex a month.
    • Referrals must be verified through an officer
    • If recruits are in the guild longer than a month, you will be awarded 100g per a recruit.
  • Will be paid through the guild bank

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