Urgent LC News
  • ArcheAge 3.0 Starts December 10th 2016. Hit level 50 and head on over pirate side! Check the forums for more information.
  • Looking to be the best H1Z1 player ever? Well form up with 4 other people and hit the street.
  • If you're interested in donating towards the ArcheAge fund, contact Grieve
  • Want to play an active role in ArcheAge leadership? We're recruiting officers.

Greetings comrade,

We are pleased that you are considering Laughing Coffin as your new permanent home. Before you submit your application, we please ask that you read everything on this page and the documents that are linked.


What is Laughing Coffin?

Laughing Coffin is a PvP Gaming Community that brings together members from all over the world. We fight for the common goal that is to make Laughing Coffin the only guild on the game. Some call us bullies, but we call it the manifest destiny. It is our divine right to be the only guild on the server. Against all odds, we fight in the name of the freedom that Laughing Coffin brings those that it conquers. If you are looking for a guild that does not hold back, that does not give up, that will fight against the odds no matter how great, and that will never back down from a challenge even if it means certain defeat; then Laughing Coffin is for you.


Why should I join Laughing Coffin over “x” guild?

Well there’s a 100% chance that the guild that your considering over us sucks donkey dick compared to us. No guild has matched our prowess for combat, or our thirst for victory.


Well “x” says you’re just a bunch of hackers and exploiters?

Well “x” can shove it. We do whatever we need to, in the name of Laughing Coffin. Our goal is victory and domination and we are willing to break ethical boundaries to get there.


Wow, you guys sound like the coolest people I’ve ever read about. Can I join the community right off the back?

While I know that we’re the coolest bunch of autists in the crowd, the answer is no. You will begin your adventure as a enlisted recruit. From there you will be promoted to Division Member. Once you are a Division Members and have shown your loyalty to bringing the world under the Laughing Coffin banner; then you are welcome to submit a community application.


What is the difference between a community member and a division member?

Community Members are able to apply for officer positions and are eligible for community giveaways and withdraw from the community bank. This is a precaution to make sure our members are only led by members that are fully committed to the cause.


Well “x” said you guys are going to disband in a week?

Yeah, they said that the first time we disbanded 8 guilds on growlgate. They said that the second time we disbanded 10 guilds on growlgate. They said that when we went up against the mega alliance on Orwen, and were the only guild man enough to fight them. The only thing that can disband Laughing Coffin is Laughing Coffin. We have a secure leadership structure that can preserve through any drama, even a nuclear war. We are constantly re-evaluating our structure to make sure our foundations are secure and based. If there is one thing Laughing Coffin will never do; it’s crumble. We will stand strong no matter the circumstance. So if you’re looking for a guild that will remain relevant until the end of the world, then Laughing Coffin is the guild for you.


Many people call you guys evil, say you’ve made fun of “x” and say that you’re the most un-ethical guild around?

We are the bad guys. When people of the server ask who’s the scary evil dudes to watch out for; the answer is Laughing Coffin. We do not give a fuck who we mess with. You could be a 5000 strong zerg, and 99% of the server might take a knee to you; but Laughing Coffin will not take a knee for anyone. We fight for Laughing Coffin and only Laughing Coffin. No alliances. We will fuck with anyone on any day. We will take from anyone on any day, and we will fight anyone on any day. Laughing Coffin is here for Laughing Coffin and no one else. We are not politically correct. We are not friendly to those outside the guild, and we do not care for those outside the guild. Anyone outside of Laughing Coffin is an enemy combatant.


I have “x” question that hasn’t been answered. Would you please answer it?

Yes. Feel free to stop by our forums and make a thread in one of the general discussion forums and we’ll answer the question the best we can. Might even add it to this list.


Now for the big question; How do I apply to Laughing Coffin?

First you need to join a division. Pick a Division and apply to it.


Star Citizen

Crowfall (TBA)


Once you’ve put in your application, you will then either be accepted or declined for an enlisted recruit position. You should receive a response in 24 hours and will be given a discord interview. After the discord interview, and if it looks like you might be LC material; you’ll be given a discord link. You’ll remain an Enlisted Recruit until you’ve played a game with us for 15 days. At which point you will be moved up to the Division Member Rank. After 15 days as a division member, you’ll be eligible to apply for a community position. Once your application has been put in for the community, you will have to wait 15 days for the vetting process to complete (You will be given the rank of Prospect Rank while this is going on). Once you have been vetted, and the 15 day incubation is period is up; your application will be brought forth before the council of officers who will either give a yes or no to the application. If you receive a yes, you will be given the rank of Community Member and will be allowed to progress further within the guild. If you are given a no, you will be given the reason why you have been declined and a date at which you will be able to resubmit. This might happen if there’s a blemish on your record, or if your loyalty is not fully trusted. Do not be deterred. This process is like this to make sure that we are bringing on new and loyal members into the community, and is a wall to keep out spies and people who are not dedicated to the cause. It is not an easy decision, and we make mistakes. So if you are declined, we ask that you take the advice given and try to apply again. If you don’t, it’ll pretty much show you were not dedicated 100% to the cause to begin with.


Should you have any further questions regarding the recruitment process; feel free to make a post on our community forums with the question. Be sure to read and look through the links posted below.


Laughing Coffin Constitution

Laughing Coffin Structure

Laughing Coffin Community Roster