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ArcheAge 3.0 Announced

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Greeting Comrades,

In the recent months ArcheAge 3.0 has been announced and released in Korea.

This latest update to the game will be the largest yet adding new zones, trade packs, world bosses, skills, and in particular the long-awaited new races "Dwarf" for West and "Warborn" for East.



For time's sake, the following is a post going over some of the new content from blogger "Percy Meets ArcheAge"

[Archeage 3.0] – New Content!

XLGames has finally released their special website for 3.0 (found here). This encompasses of what Archeage players can look forward to in the new update! There’s many features coming in the new update. Let’s look at them in the order they appear on the XLGames website.

(NOTE: As I read more about the 3.0 update some information is subject to change)


art of new races

The two new races, Dwarves and Warborn will come out in this update.


dwarf regular

The dwarves will have the ability to use a mechsuit, in which XL describes it as “A quite strong ability”. The picture below illustrates that cool mechsuit.

dwarf mecha

If you’re interested in the new animations for dwarf combat, you can watch the video below!

And don’t forget the beautiful starting zone they live in, Aubre Cradle (Nuia)!



warborn regular

The Warborn’s alternate mode called “Predator” allows them to become very powerful. You can see the pictures of their Predator mode below.

warborn carnivore

Here’s a small look at their animations for spells and attacks:

Plus their starting zone, Sunbite Wilds (Haranya)!

The new “Hatred” Skills + pve/pvp changes + Weapons

There are new passive and active skills with this new update. These, as said before, can be applied to any skillset as long as all skillsets are level 55. I will make a separate post about these to go further in depth.

They can be seen in the video above.

A new battleground in Mistsong Dungeon allows a 12v12 group to battle against each other! There will be no restrictions placed on this battleground.


There will also be a Naval PvP area. Ten players can go up against each other to battle each other’s ship.


A feature for character stats will be added. It appears as so a special item allows you to distribute the base stats of a character differently than normal.

new stat change

Concerning weapons, any weapon graded Celestial or higher will have a glowing effect on it that corresponds to the grade’s color.

epic t7 scepter mythic t7 scepter

For example, the picture shows an (left) Epic Tier 7 Obsidian Scepter compared to a Mythic Tier 7 Obsidian Scepter.

world Bosses

Two new world bosses are added, although the location for them has not been published.


This dragon world boss is in the zone of Reedwind (north of Diamond Shores). (You can see a clip of it in this video!)


These buildings are not able to be built (although I may be wrong). But, however, they share profits with the community it’s in! EDIT: Found out that they were residential halls that everyone can use. However, I have not figured out how to upgrade these.

bolt of judgement masnion

This mansion claims to fire an arrow at opposing forces… I will figure what that means later!

costume mansion

This mansion seemingly makes special costumes.

garden mansion

This mansion has plants that cannot be purchased anywhere else!

trade mansion
This mansion makes a new kind of pack… However that is lacking in detail right now.

vehicle rental mansion
This mansion allows people to rent vehicles!

Quality of Life changes


It seems that XL has implemented a new family system, which include family quests and special crops (not sure about this one yet).

Housing Areas

Do not fear! XL has added huge housing areas for all of your housing needs! There will be at least land for 2,500 medium sized houses. This video below shows some of the land that can be claimed.


XL has added another level to all proficiencies. 180,000 proficiency is not the maximum anymore! It is now 230,000. At 230,000 proficiency, you earn a 230% increase in experience points, 40% reduction in labor points, and 26% reduction in time needed to complete an action in that proficiency.

In addition to the new cap increase, you can create top-tier items, such as new Fortuna Dice, Potions, Food, and Music Sheets! These have much higher effects or uses than a regular one (for example, Music Sheets can be crafted to a Rare grade and hold up to 3,000 characters!)

230k stuff

New Character Customization Interface

The UI for the Character Customization has had an overhaul. See the video above to see how it looks like!

Other interesting things

  • The trade pack system has a new… Feature. It seems to be that it rewards much higher rewards when turning it in at a certain time? (Not sure, will read about it more later!)
  • New boxes around the world can be opened with keys, which have inside some cool items like Lucky Point shards!
  • The quests pertaining to Orchidna will flow in line with people creating new characters (this matches the main storyline for the race).
  • You can finally auto-roll on something! You will just need to right-click your name and select the option to turn on auto-roll or not.
  • An regrade charm of some sort has been added. This charm enhances the success rate and with this, it (I might interpret this wrong) cannot cause a failure on regrades.
  • Teleport favorites are here! Now you don’t have to look through 10 pages of available ports to figure out where you want to go.
  • It seems that you can now combine Combat Scrolls so you can easily use them and get fighting.



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Thanks for the post, looks like a solid update. (I Hope)

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Isnt archeage pay to win? Always wanted to try it but that kept me away.

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