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      ArcheAge Recruitment Information - VENGEANCE SERVER   12/10/2016

      As the servers launch and as we've met our recruitment quota, we will still be accepting applications as spots open up in our guilds or as we see fit. It will take between 24-48 hours to hear back on your applications. Thanks to all who applied and thanks for the continued interest and support of Laughing Coffin. Any applications submitted before server launch will be processed.


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  1. Nigga postin talkin shit but he only killed me twice to my one kill in that video. Nigga so trash he cant even kill you before you eject. He a hater mad cause Malogos and CTFT are straight better pilots then him and be bitching him every game he touch down in with them.
  2. This shit is crazy.
  3. This nigga pee really love Holo doesnt he?
  4. I also support Raz for Calender officer.
  5. Yo dont be postin these doctored ass videos nigga.
  6. Aerfist (Alpha)
  7. Lotta hatin ass niggas that gonna be mad when the game come out and they take some mean ass Ls.
  8. Once the game looks this smooth in FPS combat itll be alot more fun.
  9. I use the star map just for general lore purposes. I'm hoping the exploration we do can at certain points add on the interactive map like if we find a new system.
  10. Exploration is gonna be the best part of this game for real. Well that and killing people lol.
  11. I still cant make my nigga black. I call false advertising.
  12. Looking forward to the new types of grenades like the emp and radar jammer. Will make alot of new unique loadouts.