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      ArcheAge Recruitment Information - VENGEANCE SERVER   12/10/2016

      As the servers launch and as we've met our recruitment quota, we will still be accepting applications as spots open up in our guilds or as we see fit. It will take between 24-48 hours to hear back on your applications. Thanks to all who applied and thanks for the continued interest and support of Laughing Coffin. Any applications submitted before server launch will be processed.


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  1. I'm confused is this a pro-trump or anti-trump?
  2. I want to help whoever is gonna make the guild crafting house as it is my main source of income. (making weapon's) Which ever is setting this up for the guild I want to be apart of it and help!
  3. Do Pirates complete the dream ring quest?
  4. ArcheAge Application: notloc   Discord Name: Illilian   Discord ID: Illilian#1656   Have you played AA before? Yes   Have you been in Laughing Coffin before? No   If so, list the server and your in-game name.   What class are you willing to play? Stone Arrow Primeval Abolisher Skullknight Enigmatist Revenant Templar Cleric Caretaker Defiler Other   If other list below Darkrunner   Post in the thread linked, and enter your username Notloc   Laughing Coffin is a no bars, no hold guild. We do what we want and we piss a lot of people off doing it. You will not be liked on the server. Do you agree to not be a baby back bitch? Yes   What makes you a fit for Laughing Coffin? I want a guild that Is going to make an impact on the server. I would fill any role that is needed to achieve all the end game content. I want my guild to be on that same page.   Are you in the Exiled Guild on Morpheus? No