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      ArcheAge Recruitment Information - VENGEANCE SERVER   12/10/2016

      As the servers launch and as we've met our recruitment quota, we will still be accepting applications as spots open up in our guilds or as we see fit. It will take between 24-48 hours to hear back on your applications. Thanks to all who applied and thanks for the continued interest and support of Laughing Coffin. Any applications submitted before server launch will be processed.

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  1. ArcheAge_01_02.2017_-_21_12_28.03.rar
  2. ArcheAge_01_02.2017_-_21_12_28_03.mp4
  3. ArcheAge_01_02.2017_-_21_12_28_03.mp4
  4. ArcheAge_12_27.2016_-_22_59_31_03.mp4 ArcheAge_12_27.2016_-_16_56_06_01.mp4 ArcheAge_12_25.2016_-_21_46_41_02.mp4
  5. ArcheAge_12_26.2016_-_20_14_45_05.mp4
  6. its a tight race
  7. Voting rigged. Calling for a recount
  8. Warborn is the way to go
  9. yo kick him
  10. Aerifist getting shot in the face and flipping has got to be the best part of this video.
  11. Seems pretty interesting.
  12. Pretty epic ships they got coming out etc.
  13. Krumpy What in the hell is up with that profile pic...?
  14. Krumpy i Support you bro. # Krumps Life Matters
  15. Im down bro. Got to show them what #NaughtyNation is about